English Review: 100 Deadly Skills by Clint Emerson


A cozy afternoon spent reading.

Skill-books, Survival How-Tos and outdoor fibulas are everywhere these days. Apparently about half of the authors have some kind of military background, but that doesn’t save the books most of the time. While most of these books aren’t really worth a read I was hyped about  “100 Deadly Skills” by Clint Emerson.

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English Review: Bastinelli RED V2


The RED V2 is also a viable option for the rougher parts of pumpkin carving

A few years ago Bastien Coves of Bastinelli Knives released the RED, a medium sized tactical utility knife, and everybody loved it. He then reworked it a bit and released the RED V2 this year. I was able to test the knife in the last few months and here are my thoughts on it.

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Interview with Wolfgang Unsöld (English version)

Getting in contact with strength training there is no way getting around some of the strength training-personalities who have a big impact with their books, training programs or YouTube-channels. In Germany however, most “famous” trainees and trainers are either teen-aged fitness fanatics, or behaving as if they were, or bodybuilding-legends way past their prime. Fortunately there are exceptions to that rule, one of them is Wolfgang Unsöld of YPSI. Fortunately, he had time to give me a little interview.


Wolfgang Unsöld (on the right) at work and in a pretty awesome shirt

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Interview with Paul Sharp (English)

If you haven’t heard of Paul Sharp yet, you’re missing out. I have first heard of him via his Multidisciplinary Optimization Course, or MDOC. “Multidisciplinary” means that he isn’t simply able to shoot you, he can also punch you, stab you, throw you to the ground  and then choke you there. If there’s something to learn in the world of self-defence, we can probably learn it from Paul Sharp.

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