English Review: AminoElektrolytKomplex by YPSI


No dragons, no tribals, no skulls. YPSI keeps it classy.

When doing my  interview with Wolfgang Unsöld of YPSI earlier this year, I got to try one of the products of the YPSI-Supplement Line: AminoElektrolytKomplex. The AminoElektrolytKomplex is a mixture of amino acids and electrolytes. Find out what’s in it, why it’s in there and how I liked it.

YPSI AminoElektrolytKomplex

The AEK comes in a plastic bottle with a very professional label. Inside there’s a small plastic scoop and the AEK-powder itself, which is available in three flavors: Cherry, lemon and peach iced tea. You mix one scoop of powder in about 500ml of cold water and, just like magic, you get AminoElektrolytKomplex.

AEK is made of amino acids, electrolytes and stuff like sweeteners, so it’s sugar- and carb-free and low in calories. A serving contains 9g of amino acids, some of those are BCAAs as well as EAAs. Other than amino acids it contains a proper amount of several electrolytes, these are sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, phosphor, and magnesium. All of these come in a high quality, high bio-availability form, unlike some supplements by other companies, which include cheap forms, that are of a lower quality.

What is it good for?!

BCAAs are one of the most common supplements, just like EAAs. Amino acids in free form are pretty much instantly available for our body, which is great on its own, but many also have other positive effects. BCAAs for example can lessen fatigue during training. A steady stream of amino acids can also keep us from getting into the commonly feared catabolic state in which the body uses lean tissue for energy and to restock amino acids. Regeneration can be optimized by keeping the amino acid-pool full, and optimal regeneration can lead to optimal gains.

Electrolytes are vital to all humans. When training, we lose electrolytes and water through our sweat and while drinking water can replenish lost water, it can not replenish most of the lost electrolytes. This isn’t normally causing actual harm to us, but the body functions most efficiently when it has all the electrolytes it needs, so getting electrolytes in as well as water will have a positive effect on athletes. This is true also because electrolytes help replenish lost liquids quicker and more efficiently.

Problems like cramps can be met head on by proactively taking in electrolytes, this is especially important during the warmer months and during long, intense training sessions. Another positive effect of using the AEK is drinking more consciously. Instead of having a sip of water every now and then it’s easy to monitor how much you actually have to drink during a training session, and the sweet taste makes drinking easier as well.

My take on it


My typical setup consisted of the AEK and an empty bottle. No shaker needed.

I have tested the AEK during lifting sessions, when boxing, in rugby training, around cardio sessions and sometimes I just had a glass of it just for fun. The powder is easily mixed in cold water, there’s no shaker needed and I never had problems with lumps. The peach iced tea-flavor was very nice. I had been critical of the taste because many BCAA-supplements are way too sweet, while they still have the terribly bitter aftertaste of amino acids. None of that was a problem with the AEK. It’s not too sweet, it rather has a nice, subtle taste that’s very refreshing and there’s no amino acid-aftertaste when mixed in cold water. The AEK was the best amino acid-supplement I ever used when it comes to mixability and taste.

The AEK’s effects are mostly reduced fatigue, proper hydration, better regeneration and no cramps, even when sweating profusely for a long time. I felt that my regeneration was better after using the AEK during training sessions, I might even have had a little more “oomph” in training, but it’s hard to quantify such effects. I did not have any problems with cramps or feeling sluggish and thirsty, both things I routinely experience when I train hard and don’t take my rehydration seriously.

Bottom Line

The AEK does what it’s supposed to. It’s not a miracle supplement or weird superfood, but it’s great for any athlete that wants to support his work in the gym, on the mats and on the field. While it’s not exactly cheap with 50€ for 500g, the price is very appropriate considering the high quality ingredients. When on a rather tight budget, the AEK can be used during training camp before a fight or during other high intensity episodes of training, or during the hottest months of the year.

Consuming the AEK is a charm and it does not come with any benign, but weird side effects, like the neon-pee many know from consuming high dosages of B-vitamins in their preWO-supplements. I can only recommend the YPSI AminoElektrolytKomplex.

Disclaimer: If a maker or seller of a product provides me with a product free of charge or for a reduced price, I do not feel obliged to provide a positive review of said product. I do my best to provide my readers with my own experiences with and thoughts on everything I review.

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