Welcome to my blog!

A short about me: I’m in my twenties, I live in Berlin, Germany and am a university student here. And I like knives. And I also like lifting heavy things, hitting, choking or joint-locking friends and sparring partners, coffee, music, books, movies and scotch.

On this blog I’ll be reviewing knives, gear, bags and packs, movies, books and a lot of other things, plus I’ll post a rambling of some kind every now and then.

Most articles I write will be in German, but I will include English translations every now and then and try to include English versions of all the interviews I do. You can find all my English articles here. If you find a particular review interesting, feel free to contact me under “Kontakt” and I’ll try to translate the review you’re interested in ASAP.

In case you are a manufacturer or distributor of a product of any kind and would like me to review it, feel free to contact me as well.

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